In Design Connections International (DCI), Juliana completed the corporate headquarters for a major international leasing company, a high-tech multiple-user factory, and upgrading works for a downtown shopping centre.  She spent 2 years in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA where she worked at Kyu Sung Woo Architects.  Under Metropolitan Office of Architects, she has completed a church building with columbarium, some private residences and offices. 

She has worked on a diverse range of projects includes office, commercial/retail, residential, recreational, hotel, religious, industrial and restaurants.  She has worked with a broad range of clients, including clients from property development companies, the hotel and leisure industry, manufacturing and trading, the food and beverage industry.

Besides working on architectural projects, she has provided interior design services for residential homes, and corporate offices.  For the church project, she custom designed its furniture and interiors. Juliana’s projects include buildings in Singapore, Shanghai and Morocco.